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Intern-Zim is a system designed to make it easier for students to find internship or industrial attachment without any hustles!

Our system creates a national database of all employers who are looking for interns/attachees. If you find an opening which you are interested in, you just apply from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. If you get an employer`s attention, he or she will then call you for an interview or give you more details.

This system was made by a student for the students.

Sign Up now for a once off payment of RTGS$4.00 only and find an industrial attachment place of your choice. Say hello to convenience!

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Why Choose Us?

Intern-Zim is the best internship searching system because we have partnered with some of the country`s leading employers for interns.

We are also a catch because we have an oftenly updated database of potential employers and you can find your attachment in any geographical area you may like.


No need to travel long distances to meet us. We will just serve you online!
You no longer need to waste money whilst travelling to recepient companies to track your CVs. Here you just wait for our message and you are good to go!
If your applications have not been accepted by a certain company, we will let you know by email, and you won`t have to wait anymore for a response.
If you can`t find the exact attachment you are looking for, just let us know and it will be our pleasure to help you!

Our Expertise

Interns who passed through us
89% Complete (success)
New members
70% Complete (success)
Students who were called by more than 1 company
83% Complete (success)
Students who failed interviews
19% Complete (success)

Developer's Note

All the time, some students have troubles in finding their industrial attachment places on time, and some end up being attached to organizations which they do not like and this jeopardize their "On-the-job-training" experince. I hope you will find this system useful. Thank you for choosing Intern-Zim. >Coded with love<